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After a careful briefing, Dronequest carried out the following assignment for Rijkswaterstaat.

Dronequest has been commissioned by the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management to inspect the Jan Blankenbrug in Vianen, using a proprietary algorithm that is able to recognize cracks from 1 cm and hair cracks from 0.1 mm, but also recognizes concrete rot and rust. By using the drones, many costs can be saved, such as hiring boats, pontoons, traffic measures, low-rise workers, etc., but also the social costs (file-suffering) play a role in this. By this I mean the traffic nuisance on the road and in the water, these costs are almost impossible to calculate, but they are of course there. If you let the inspections be carried out by drones, you no longer have this social aftermath. Moreover, this method of inspection is safer, more sustainable, faster and you have much better data at your disposal with which Rijkswaterstaat can raise its asset management to a higher level. What also plays a role is the reliability of the drone, they are never sick, carry out their assignment without beeping and can fly exactly the same route again half a year later so that you can quickly spot the differences.

The scope consists of inspecting the bottom of the Vianen bridge. (they are two tube bridges next to each other) There is no flying in the tube.

The aim of this project is also to establish a reference with regard to the regular inspection and to determine whether a drone inspection can replace a regular inspection with this type of bridge. A cost assessment, H&S and data enrichment, etc. are part of this. Does a drone also see what an inspector sees at hand? Is the level of detail sufficient? With the reference, can the inspection results of the inspection office be verified?

The results of this project can also serve as input for the further development of sensor and algorithm techniques.

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