Call us: +31 6 4941 9062

Call us: +31 6 4941 9062

On and Off-shore inspections of industrial assets

By using (big) data, collected by our drones, we help to predict when an asset is going to fail, we quantify risks and support investment decisions. We do this using an algorithm of our partner cursor Asset Management.

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  • Fast

    Certified FAA / ROC pilots can start a drone inspection on request within a short time. Because it only takes a few minutes to start a drone-based inspection, UAVs are suitable for both normal and emergency scenarios. In addition, drones are fast and able to complete an inspection within 5-20 minutes.

  • Safe

    Drones make it possible for professionals to easily collect detailed data in places where this is logically impossible. It is less risky and safer to use drones in industrial environments for applications such as radiation monitoring, high voltage power line inspections, stack inspections and other installations that can cause injury or health problems.

  • Efficient

    Most manual inspections require the shutdown of equipment or systems to prevent damage or injury to inspection personnel. However, drones can safely inspect complex systems such as wind turbines, radars, communication towers and other infrastructure while they are active. Moreover, there is only one time to fly for different types of inspections.


We are DroneQuest

My name is Simon-Robert I am married to Anouk and we have two children. I have been active in the industrial sector for more than 15 years and have built up a broad and fine network. More than 1.5 years ago I started Dronequest because I saw that a lot of time and money could be saved in the phase before a "Turnaround", and it became much safer in my way.In the meantime I have been able to carry out a few very nice projects and my clients see that working with drones also provides them with the benefits that I anticipate. In addition, it is becoming increasingly easier to be allowed to fly to more places in Dutch airspace. Choosing Dronequest is a safe and reliable choice in the new way of inspection.

Because things can be done differently.

Simon Voogd

Owner DroneQuest

We work for

our drone inspections are currently being applied in the following sectors:

Why choose DroneQuest?

Dronequest is unique because of the close cooperation with various other drone companies, all innovation in the field of drones technology used by these companies can be deployed for use. We are located in the presence of Groningen Airport Eelde.Dronequest offers high-quality high definition video, photography, and inspection. Using advanced drones, we capture stunning 4k photos in ways that help you get your asset management to the next level. Dronequest can gather information quickly and securely, so companies can make real-time decisions. Dronequest only works with certified pilots and ROC-licenced drone operators. We see speed, safety & efficiency as a priority.Information First everything is explained about commercial drone deployment, laws and regulations, weather conditions & show or no-show.
Scope determination together with the customer, the purpose of the inspection is determined and what the end product will look like. Flight plan & crew At the office, the flight crew draws up a professional flight plan based on a TRA and, if necessary, the necessary exemptions are requested.
Performance After careful preparation, an efficient, safe and reliable inspection takes place After sales; When all data has been carefully processed, the end product will be transferred to the customer and it will be discussed whether the scope has been met.

Leading in drone inspections

2Years of Experience

  • Licenced drone pilots (ROC certified)

  • Extensive experience with complex flights

  • We have a 24/7 solution for every challenge

  • Professional drone fleet

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We are more than happy to use our expertise for your project(s).

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